In these uncertain times of Covid-19 many diverse factors affect the market values. Stock Markets are also highly volatile.
  • Exchange rates favour overseas buyers who find South African prices to be real bargains and are throwing pounds, Euros, US$ dollars, Yuan and Yen at dealers in SA – especially for late model and mint condition items.
  • Great time for South African companies with new contracts, to also buy the same late model plant because they are not going to be cheaper anywhere else in the world.
  • Local smaller contractors would be wise to trade in some of their older but still functional plant as short contracts can squeeze the last bit of value out these later model items.
  • Is this a time to buy or sell? The answer lies in knowing the current market values.
  • That’s where we come in. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of trends and movements in the used equipment market, specifically in the field of stone crushing, earthmoving, mining and construction equipment. Our 44 years of experience positions us to accurately value this equipment in the prevailing market conditions.
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